A series of panel discussions, lectures and forums sponsored by the Office of the Provost

Last year, we introduced the Campus Conversation series with the theme of What’s Going on and Why?  The focus was on local, national and international issues that directly affect the lives of those in our community. We heard speakers talk about race and policing, immigration and migration, the election, civil liberties, and the First Amendment.

This year the theme of Campus Conversations will remain the same, What’s Going on and Why? with a focus on the myriad of issues that affect our daily lives. In advance, I would like to thank the Diversity Advisory Committee for their leadership and guidance in selecting the best topics and speakers for this year’s Campus Conversations.

Our university is in a great position to bring people together and use our expertise to help our students, faculty and staff to try to understand these events in context and to provide a safe space where conversation can occur and diverse viewpoints can be shared and considered.

I hope you will join me and your fellow students, faculty and staff for these Campus Conversations.


Susan Poser
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs