Eliminating time-consuming portions of new course proposals

There was a request for assistance in eliminating some of the time-consuming portions of proposals for new courses and course redesign. There can be several steps in the proposal process. Proposals go through the College then, if required, through Campus governance (i.e., Graduate College Executive Committee, SCEP and Senate). At the campus-level, the process is largely determined by the Senate, as reflected in university statutes. At the college-level, processes are determined by individual colleges. Colleges can change the processes to make them more streamlined, which might involve revising their own by-laws. Academic Program Development (APD) is available to assist in moving proposals though appropriate campus governance. Additionally, to assist with timing, APD provides a calendar of Campus governance meetings, along with deadlines and instructions for submitting course and program proposals, at http://academicprograms.uic.edu.