Training courses required for researchers

One person reported confusion about the training courses required for researchers. The confusion apparently comes from the nature of the communications from the Conflict of Interest Office regarding reporting of non-University activities and completing Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) training.

The Report of Non-University Activities (RNUA) disclosure must be completed annually, typically in September, by academic staff when they are newly hired or if the activities previously disclosed on the RNUA change.  Academic staff must obtain approval for non-University activities prior to engaging in the activities.

The FCOI training and sponsor specific disclosure is only required for investigators and senior/key personnel on research that is sponsored by the Public Health Services (PHS) and other sponsor agencies that have adopted the PHS regulations.  Compliance with the FCOI training and sponsor-specific disclosure is mandatory at the time when a proposal will be submitted to the funding agency.  Sponsor-specific disclosure must be submitted annually, as long as the investigator continues to work on research for the PHS sponsor.  The COI Office sends out monthly reminders to let investigators know when their FCOI training is about to expire.  The FCOI training is valid for 4 years.

As part of ongoing process improvement efforts, the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Research (OVCR) will combine the requirements for the PHS investigator to complete FCOI training and sponsor-specific disclosures in START myDisclosures, where the RNUA disclosures are also done. The OVCR anticipates releasing the update in July 2017.