UIC Health Evaluation requirement for student employees

There was a concern that all student employees require a UIC Health Evaluation as part of the hiring process, even when it is not applicable to their job duties.

All student employees do not require a physical. If a position title requests a physical, it is it at the top of their job description located here- http://studentemployment.uic.edu/job_descriptions.shtml

In addition, under UICHR Policies and Procedures, student employees are required to have a health/fitness evaluation and to present medical evidence of suitability to perform the essential functions of the job if their duties listed in the Requisition Form include exposure to any of the following:

  • University of Illinois Hospital and Clinics patients;
  • laser, radioisotopes, ethylene oxide, radiation;
  • carcinogens, cytotoxic drugs;
  • blood/body fluids; or
  • required to lift/move heavy items.