Task Force on Immigration Issues: Member Contact List

Jeffrey Alton
Associate Director
Asian American Resource and Cultural Center
Phone: (312)413-9653
Email: jalton@uic.edu

Caryn Bills
Associate Chancellor
Office for Access and Equity
Phone: 312-413-8145
Email: cabw@uic.edu

Kevin Booker
Chief of Police
University Police
Phone: 312-996-2899
Email: bookerk5@uic.edu

Tanya Cabrera (Co-Chair)
Undocumented Student Liaison
Associate Director for Equity and Inclusion
Phone: (312)355-0011
Email: tcabrera@uic.edu

Linda Deanna
Dean of Students
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Phone: 312-996-4857
Email: ldeanna@uic.edu

Joseph Hermes
Director of Counseling Services
Phone: 312-996-3490
Email: jhermes@uic.edu

Jennifer Juárez
Assistant Director
Latin American Recruitment & Educational Services
Phone: 312-996-3356
Email: jjuare2@uic.edu

Sherri McGinnis Gonzalez
Senior Executive Director
Office of Public and Government Affairs
Phone: 312-996-2398
Email: smcginn@uic.edu

Michael Melendez
Associate University Counsel
Phone: 312-996-7762
Email: mmelende@uic.edu

Nadine Naber
Director of the Arab American Cultural Center
Phone: 312-413-3253
Email: naber@uic.edu

Madelina Nuñez
Graduate Research Assistant
Inter-University Program for Latino Research
Email: mnunez32@uic.edu

Amalia Pallares (Co-Chair)
Professor and Director
Latin American and Latino Studies Program
Phone: 312-996-2445
Email: amalia@uic.edu

Dana Rusch
Visiting Research Assistant Professor
Department of Psychiatry
Email: drusch1@uic.edu

Shirley Rodriguez-Vega
Associate Director
Office of Financial Aid
Phone: 312-996-5563
Email: srodri3@uic.edu

Natalie Shane
International Services Coordinator
Office of International Services
Email: natalies@uic.edu

Rex Tolliver
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Phone: 312-996-7655
Email: jrex@uic.edu

Charu Thakral
Interim Vice Provost for Diversity
Phone: (312)413-2899
Email: charuth1@uic.edu

Joy Vergara
Executive Director, Center for Student Involvement
Phone: (312)413-5075
Email: rvergara@uic.edu

Joey Volpe
Director of Advising Development
Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
Phone: 312-996-3092
Email: jvolpe@uic.edu