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On-Campus classes for the Fall
We now have a list of classes that are scheduled to be held on campus during the Fall semester. They fall into three groups:

AHS: 23
ENGR: 147
LAS: 369

Freshman Seminars:
LAS: 95
BA: 31
ENGR 101: 70
HON: 14
AHS: 4
DLG: 15
CADA: 15

Other classes:
LAS: 75
SOCW: 26
AHS: 24

Please understand that there is still fluctuation with these lists, as classes are being added and as faculty and departments continue to adjust designations of classes as online or on campus.

All current information about a section or class, including room assignments (whether virtual or physical), delivery method (On Campus, Online Asynchronous, Online Synchronous), and faculty assigned, can be seen by logging in to and going to XE Registration and browse classes. Each department has designated someone responsible for scheduling classes and they are the best contact for any questions about classes from that department. These classes are updated weekly as the Office of the Registrar receives information from the departments. We continue to receive requests from departments for changes in course designations as online or on campus.

International Students
The federal government released new guidelines on July 6, concerning international students on F-1 Visas. An email was sent to campus on July 7 explaining the guidelines. We are exploring how best to support our international students and ensure that they have full access to UIC’s hybrid online/on-campus program for the Fall semester so that they can maintain their F-1 visa status. The Office of International Services is already in contact with colleges and departments to help explain the guidelines and offer assistance. Please check the OIS website for more information.

Fall Teaching Resources for Online Classes
This is a reminder that many resources for online teaching, FAQs, faculty mentors, and other information about Fall planning, are available at and