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Provost Communications

IRB processes for low or minimal risk research

IRB processes for low or minimal risk research. The IRB is undergoing review by the Business Process Improvement unit at the University with the goal of making the process more efficient.

Length of time for legal review of research contracts

The legal review of research contracts takes too long, and sometimes it takes so long that funding is lost. The Office of Research Services (ORS) in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for…

Paying international scholars

Several people reported difficulty in bringing in and paying international scholars who are invited to UIC by our faculty. We are investigating this issue.

Procurement system problems

There were reports of problems arising out of the procurement system. These are under review.

Class scheduling issues

Issues with class scheduling were reported. I have discussed this with the Registrar and a committee is being formed in the late spring to take up these issues.

Amount of time to hire and promote staff at UIC

There were several reports about the amount of time it takes to hire staff at UIC, and a related report about how long people have to wait for promotions. UIC Human Resources is…